Discovery Bible Study

We are very excited about Discovery Bible Study (DBS) for the following reasons:

  • you read together with others from different Bible translations
  • you are given the space to share what appeals to you
  • you are encouraged to concretely do something with it
  • because no ‘knowledge’ from outside the story is allowed to be introduced, there is no inequality based on previously gained (Bible) knowledge
  • as a result, a culture of discovering together is created

What does a DBS meeting, lasting about 1.5 hours, look like?

A participant reads the chosen Bible passage out loud. A second participant reads the same Bible passage out loud again (preferably from a different translation). Everyone closes their Bibles. Together, we will now try to retell the story in our own words – a participant starts, and when he/she is finished, others can add to it.
Afterwards, the following 4 questions are discussed:

  1. What does this Bible passage say about people? (specifically in this story and/or in general)
  2. What does this say about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit? (depending on who is featured)
  3. What does it have to say to you?
  4. Assuming this is true, what would you want to do with it?

Important to know: 

There are no right or wrong answers, as it is not about taking an exam. We focus on the chosen Bible passage, which means that no other text passages or knowledge from the Bible may be added to this story, so that everyone remains involved.

Are you curious and would like to join once? Or would you like more information first, or perhaps tips on how to lead a DBS yourself? If so, please send an email to