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You have spent the last few years building a community. You are convinced that ‘being a church’ should look different than what you are used to. You’re full of ideas and are able to enthuse others. You are a ‘hands on’ type – roll up your sleeves and go. You have read several books about church planting and missional lifestyle and just started.
You see and think in possibilities. You love starting something new and pioneering new initiatives. You are a bit (?) stubborn and are not the first to ask for help – it’s not supposed to be that hard, right?

The start looked promising, but by now you have experienced a few setbacks. The real breakthrough you were hoping to see has not yet come. Those who were involved at the start have moved on. And while you still see the possibilities, others seem to only see troubles looming ahead. You have also come to realize that it is not always easy to combine the pioneering with your job and family.

Do you recognize the following?

  • you see little to no result of what you’re doing
  • you doubt whether a community can actually work
  • you feel like it’s all coming down to you
  • you don’t feel recognized and appreciated for who you are
  • you are tired and worn down
  • you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope

You still have the desire to build this kind of church. And to be honest, you also don’t see yourself going back to the church you used to go to.

If you don’t do something about this, it will start to affect your faith and relationships negatively. Something needs to change!

Not yet ready to give up?

Do you want to regain a new perspective so that you can continue with what you feel you are called to do? Would you like to level with someone who can understand you and what you are experiencing?

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