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Missional lifestyle, where do I start?

Learn the basics of a missional lifestyle and how to get started easily. We focus on the meaning of discipleship, the mission of God, Jesus & the Church, missionary discipleship and missionary family.

Duration: 4 sessions

Balanced relationships

Jesus had three valuable relationships over which he divided his time. His relationship with the Father, his disciples and the people who did not know him yet. Find out how you can apply the same balance.

Duration: 4 sessions

Who is in?

Jesus invited the disciples to come up with him and form, as it were, his spiritual family. In this process learn why it is important to share your life with others and how you can invite them.

Duration: 4 sessions

I am not an evangelist!

In this process we look at how you can reach out to people around you who do not (yet) know Jesus in a way that suits you. You learn the principle of person of peace.

Duration: 4 sessions

Vision and Calling

Learn how to discover what your God-given vision is and what role God calls you to fulfill that vision.
Duration: 4-6 sessions

Keeping all the balls in the air

Family, relatives, friends, work, study and also being a missionary? How do I juggle multiple tasks without burning out?

Duration: 4-6 sessions


When you become a Christian you receive a new identity. This new identity has two sides. One side defines who you are and the other defines your responsibility to represent God in the world. In this process you learn to live and act from your new identity.

Duration: 4-6 sessions

Missional lifestyle with (young) children

[in development]

A new culture

Missionary life is not just adjusting the structure. We believe that culture may be more important. Learn how to create a culture of missional discipleship.

Duration: 4 sessions

New wineskins

To create an environment where missional discipleship is central, it is helpful to have a structure that supports it. For this we'll look at the early church in the book of Acts.

Duration: 4 sessions

Hearing God

We believe that God still speaks. Learn how to tune in to God and what barriers can stand in doing so. How to listen for others, as well as christians as non-christians.

Duration: 4 sessions

How do you lead a missionary initiative?

And how do you ensure that you multiply yourself in others. We look at four stages of leadership and discipleship.

Duration: 4 sessions

Spiritual parenting

An important aspect of leadership is the leader's willingness to open his or her life to disciple spiritual children as a spiritual parent, regardless of your biological age.

Duration: 4 sessions

Starting a missional community or a house church

Receive practical tips on how to start a missional initiatiev, which could be a missional community or a house church.

Duration: 4 sessions

Discovery Bible Study

A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) allows people to read the Bible and discover what it has to say to them. You will learn how to facilitate a DBS.

Duration: 4 sessions

Missional lifestyle as an entrepreneur

[in development]


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