We believe that having a balance between rest and work is important. To set time a side to step away from the busyness of the day. Not only during a day but also during a week, a month or a season.
Stepping-stones offers you an opportunity to do this.

You could come to Sheffield for a couple of days for a retreat and 
spend that time in a way that suits you the best! There is the option to have private time, to go for a walk in Hillsborough park or a hike in the beautiful Peak District! You're more then welcome to join our rythms of prayers in the morning. We would love to encourage you to hear God and to listen what He is saying to you.

Besides that we can help to reflect by providing you retreat questions or to have a coaching conversation. Another option is doing Myers Briggs session, which helps you to get more understanding of yourself and people around you.  Staying with us is also a great opportunity to experience community life and what is is to live in a Missional Household. 

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Below a testimony from Wim Verkerk, church planter and pioneer:
"At the end of March 2015 I've enjoyed staying with the missional household led by Mark, Jacolien en Sharon. They understand what generally is missing in the church and have vision for what the need is. Households where God is the centre and the willingness to serve people around them who don't know Jesus yet. It was great to have a private bedroom to withdraw, the Peak District nearby and lovely and beautiful people around you. In short all the ingredients you need to relax and to become focussed on God. In the morning I've joined the morning prayers of the household, afterwards I've spent some time with reading, reflection time, solitude time, and walking. Also I had a Myers Briggs assessment and conversation about my personality type and what this means in my daily life. Finally the result of the retreat was a plan for the coming period, based on everything what I've heard and learned during this time. It was a very valuable time and I certainly recommend it."