Missional Lifestyle Coaching

We believe that everyone can live a missional lifestyle in order to have an impact on the culture. We also believe that there is often a gap between theory (knowledge) and the reality (practice). We want to be a stepping-stone in that gap.

Stepping-stones provides internet coaching to those who wants to learn to develop a missional lifestyle and likes to start or already has started a missional community or household. This coaching is for anyone who has a desire to be a follower of Jesus and wants to make disciples who makes disciples. It's a place to grow in character and vocation.

The goals of Missional Lifestyle Coaching are:

  • to grow in being a disciple
  • to learn how to life an integrated missional lifestyle
  • to start and grow a missional community or household and
  • how to disciple others.

The coaching takes place in groups of maximum 5 participants. You only need a computer with a wifi connection, so distance is not a problem. We meet once a fortnight and the sessions last for one hour. These are led by a Stepping-stones coach.

The content we use is 'Stepping stones to a day to day misional lifestyle', written by Sharon Earl and Jacolien & Mark van den Steenhoven.

If you want to know more about Missional LIfestyle Coaching please contact us via info@stepping-stones.nl.


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