We believe that every ordinary christian can live an integrated missional lifestyle so that they have daily impact in their context. It is for this reason we support, equip and encourage ordinary christians in Europe to live extraordinary lives.

We hold ourselves accountable to the following principles/values:

Integrity – Practice what you teach. Living a missional lifestyle yourself.
Authenticity – Being real. What you see is what you get.
Encouragement – Cheering each other on.
Relational – Discipleship is a relational process, not an anonymous program.
Intentional – Choose to change to become the change.

To realize our vision:
We inspire people about missional discipleship. We coach people and equip them with tools how to make disciples who make disciples. We coach and train leaders how to built a culture of missional discipleship in their context. We consult people how to start a missional household or community and to live an integrated life with the people around them. We disciple life-on-life in our community in Sheffield. As followers of Christ we are learners and keep on growing in our relationship with God. We'd love to be stepping-stones for others and our aim is to 'walk our talk'.

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