Connecting the dots
door Mark van den Steenhoven | 1160 reactions

When you're part of the missional movement then you've probably heard about UP-IN-OUT. If you're not familiar with this: reading the gospels we can see how Jesus divides his time between three relationships in his life. The upward rela...

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Celebrating our differences
door Jacolien van den Steenhoven | 20 reactions

This is the second part of our blog series focusing on celebrating our differences and today we're talking about Thinking and Feeling. To be honest because I am a Thinker and Sharon is a Feeler it is very relevant for us as a team. As we said ...

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Integrated life
door Mark van den Steenhoven | 6 reactions

This is a word I'm using quite a lot in the last year and especially when it's about missional discipleship. A definition of integration which I found is: combining or coordinating seperate elements so as to provide a harmonious,...

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